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Carmel Forest Renewal

On December 2nd, 2010, the worst fire in Israel’s history devastated the Carmel forest in Northern Israel. The fire claimed the lives of 44 people and dozens lost their homes. More than 12,500 acres of forests, 5 million trees and countless wildlife were lost as well. The tragic fire damaged not only part of Israel’s “green lungs”, but also a major recreational area close to the country’s densely populated center.
Currently, the Israeli Ministry of Environment, the JNF and KKL Israel are working closely together to rehabilitate the region and restore the forests. With the Carmel Forest being one of their preferred hiking destinations, Green Horizons is actively involved in rebuilding the forest. Green Horizon's participants and young volunteers from the United States have been instrumental in cleaning sites, removing burned wood and clearing walking paths. Following the fires, erosion and landslides have uncovered the remains of ancient civilizations on Mount Carmel. Green Horizons groups have been searching the area to locate other historical sites and gather preliminary data. The findings are being transmitted to KKL that coordinates the project and maps all the information as a base for future excavations.
On Tu b’shvat 2011, less than two months after the disaster, Green Horizons organized tours in the devastated area and taught more than 1500 visitors about the rehabilitation process and the importance of forests for the ecological balance. With the rehabilitation having only just begun, Green Horizons groups are still actively cleaning the area and will be involved when the replanting begins.


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