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Our Graduates

Hillel Ben Sasson

“I’m doing my PhD in philosophy and Jewish theology at Hebrew University, Jerusalem. I’m also one of the active organizers of the Sheikh Jarrah solidarity movement. My time at Green Horizons was formative in several spheres. At Green Horizons I met people who later became my closest friends. There, I experienced independence from home for the first time and the liberty that only the great outdoors can give the human spirit. Through Green Horizons I came to understand how fortunate we are to live in the Land of Israel ,and the
importance of doing our best to preserve its beauty, history and culture intact for the generations that follow. These realizations are still with me, and have deeply influenced my scholarly work and political activism.”


Uri Davidovich

“I research ancient civilizations in the Judean desert and human life conduct in Israel’s natural caves as part of my PhD in archeology at the Hebrew University. Since joining Green Horizons in 7th grade, the organization has been my second home and my connection to nature, the land, the State and society. Being involved in Green Horizons as a participant and as a guide was probably one of the best things that happened in my life.
Certainly it was the best thing for me during adolescence, an experience that shaped who I am now: hiking, gaining knowledge, and a whole range of activities that have shaped my personality and skills. What makes Green Horizons such a unique organization is the way it imbues its graduates with humanistic values, encourages curiosity and creates strong bonds with nature and people – in short: everything that Israel needs!”