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Our values

Green Horizons is deeply committed to Israel’s younger generation. All of our activities are designed to help groom our younger generation to become involved citizens and future leaders of Israel. Our educational strategy consists of various theoretical and practical elements that will enable youth to strengthen their ties to their social and physical environment and with themselves.


Educate for the love of the country and its nature
Educate for the love of the country and its nature.
Educate for the protection of the environment.
Teach about the history of Israel and its people.


Relationship between man and man
Educate to tolerance and teamwork.
Educate to involvement and social contribution.
Understand the different aspects of the Israeli
    society and its various sectors.


Relationship with onself
Develop initiative, independence and leadership.
Personal growth: ability to overcome obstacles,
    develop personal judgment,  understand one’s
    limits, etc.