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Young Leadership

At a time when Israeli society is increasingly fragmented and citizens’ alienation from the State is growing, Green Horizon's mission has become more important than ever. Our goal is to prepare our youth to become dedicated citizens who are able to assume leadership roles in Israel.
Green Horizons provides a leadership track for talented, committed youngsters who wish to become guides and make a difference within the organization. During the last year of the program, teenagers take intense courses in navigation, history, botany, geography and ecology while they continue to work on their personal skills. Throughout the year, students undergo a selection process where their leadership capabilities, values and communication skills are evaluated. Outstanding participants are offered the opportunity to enroll in a guiding course.
Sixteen year olds who are selected to become youth counselors will receive three weeks of intense training and then have the opportunity to guide groups on their own. This experience is extremely enriching and rewarding as these young people will be required to take initiative, responsibility and leadership roles.
When they turn 18, distinguished counselors may elect to postpone their enlistment in the army for one year and add a National Service Year at Green Horizons. National Service Guides are responsible for three local groups and are also involved in many regional and national projects. Having gained valuable experience, many of our National Service Guides go on to join elite troops of the IDF. After their army service, some of our graduates come back to Green Horizons to work as adult guides. In addition, many of our graduates take active roles in civil society and volunteer frameworks.
Meet our graduates.