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Green Horizon’s Activities in Israel’s Periphery

Israel’s southern region shows economic conditions below the national average. High unemployment, poor infrastructure, and imminent rocket attacks render life in the south tougher than in other areas of the country. Many cities in that area have large immigrant populations and are known as development towns, reinforcing low self-esteem.


Under these conditions, it is all the more important to offer teenagers leisure activities that empower their self-confidence, leadership skills and a positive relationship with the country, its character and its history.


Green Horizons maintains a strong presence in the south, particularly in the Negev where it runs regional chapters in Beer Sheva, Ofakim and Sderot. Since many families are unable to finance leisure activities for their children, participation in the Green Horizons program is free of charge for residents of the southern region. The unique activities enjoy great popularity with the teenagers, so much so that new branches are about to being established in Dimona, Arad, Mizpe Ramon and Yerucham.


Green Horizons’ presence in the Negev is largely supported by the JNF within the framework of its ‘Blueprint Negev’ initiative. The far-reaching and visionary plan aims to revitalize Israel’s southern region and improve living conditions for all its inhabitants. As part of its community development program, JNF raises funds to support Green Horizons activities in the Negev.


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